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Blog: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Celebrating Yvonne Funk

“Keep calm and ask Yvonne” is a common phrase heard throughout our hallways. Yvonne Funk has been the administrative assistant at Alexander Elementary for the past 8 years. Yvonne always goes above and beyond to help our school and we are thankful to have her positive and caring demeanor in the office. She is always willing to help out: whether it’s helping parents who are new to Canada, doing a Costco run for our breakfast program, helping at Fun Fair, advising our PAC on grant applications, helping out with fundraising, to keeping the staff on track - Mrs. Funk does it all!

Seeing her face light up when students come to say hi, share their writing, or show her their new hair cut is the best part of the day. When I asked students “what’s the best thing about Mrs. Funk?”, here are some of the common responses:

  • “She’s funny” (gr. 4)
  • “She helps us deliver lunches” (gr. 2)
  • “She gives us stickers” (gr. 1)
  • “She’s really good at checking us in at the office if we’re late” (gr. 3).

Our parents and staff echo similar reasons as to why she is an integral part of our school community:

  • “She’s always doing something for us. She’s our go-to lady” (EA)
  • “Yvonne is so caring and always helping people. She goes above and beyond for everyone” (Itinerant)
  • “Mrs. Funk is known as ‘Super Funk’ because she’s an amazing support for our school. She knows every child by name and who the child belongs to. If she doesn’t recognize someone she makes sure to go and ask them if they need help. She keeps all our students safe and makes the parents fears ease knowing that she has our backs. With Mrs. Funk, our school feels like home” (Parent)
  • “Yvonne is like a second mom to me. Mama Funk’s relationships with students and families is the thing I love most about her” (teacher)
  • “Yvonne is helpful, kind, cheerful and knowledgeable” (teacher).

So, you can see why Alexander Elementary loves you, Mrs. Funk!

Principal, Alexander Elementary