Parents & Students

A comment from a satisfied parent at our school:

Its not that often that people have anything positive to say about our education system. People only ever hear negative feedback.  I just wanted to thank you and the staff of Alexander for being such caring, compassionate and all around wonderfull people!! Having teachers and support staff that truly do care and love what they are doing makes sending our children to school easier. Being a mom to a kindergarten student has its ups and downs but when you are greeted with a smile or a hi how are you doing every morning it makes leaving your "baby" with strangers a good experience for not only us as parents but for our kids.

I had thoughts of keeping my daughter out of school for another year because she is so young but I know now that I made the right choice to send her to school. All the staff you have at Alexander are great and I just wanted to say thank you for making this first school experience a positive one for me and my daughter!!

You all need to hear more often how great you are and how hard you do work for your students. I am sure all the parents from your school would say the same thing. You guys are all truly amazing!!

Picking Alexander out of all the other schools in Abbotsford was a good choice, not because my husband and I went/met there but because its a great place to start ones education!!

Thank you for all the support you give to your students and families.